Customer Case Study: St George’s Hill Lawn Tennis Club 

St George’s Hill Lawn Tennis Club clinical manager Katie explains to us how using ClinicSoftware has changed the way that their system works saving them space and time.

What do you offer at St. George’s Hill Spa?

We offer a varied list of treatments such as waxing, manicures, pedicures, facials, the list could go on. The top three treatments that we predominately do here is sports massage, facials and manicures and pedicures- to get people ready for events or special occasions and holidays.

What is your main feature on

We use for client consent forms, this has changed our paperless forms that we were using before, we have now gone to the iPads and everything accessed electronically.

We have our clients already as members on the system. If they are new to the spa then all their details and medical records are on the iPad. This enables us therapists to see if there is anything we need to flag up. We can save this and edit it at anytime and update it anytime they come in.

What is your favourite feature on

My favourite feature is the client consent form because as I said we need to know medically what is going on with our clients and ensure that we are up to date with everything we are doing with the client and make sure we tailor the treatment to them.

We can search for any client, its just a case of putting their surname or scroll down alphabetically its very easy to find the client you are looking for. We used to have a filing cabinet full of paper forms. Now we just have the iPads its all on here, we have tonnes more space that we can retail from so this has helped us massively. We used to just use the paper forms now we have the iPad. This has taken us into a new league.

What other features do you use? 

The other features we have is scanning your barcode. So you type in the client name and find them, you would then scan the iPad with the barcode and the barcode is individual to every client. This would just bring up their personal information.

Why did you choose

We chose ClinicSoftware because it was a step in the right direction for us. From paper forms to iPads they are very technical and deal with any technical issues if we have any quickly and are very efficient. I would definitely recommend them.

How is the communication between you and the support department? 

You’r support department is very good. If there are any issues Alex or another member of the team are quick to get on the case and solve the problems.

Do you use any special features in 

Yes we have our own personal form on the which is personal to us as a club and we also have separate consultation forms. So for the physio team if they have their own specific questions then they can pick a form depending on the treatment they are giving. When a client comes in they check all their medical questions we also type in what treatment they are receiving that day, check who is doing the treatment and then sign at the bottom and agree that everything is relevant and up to date regarding their medical history and then from there we sign it ourselves as a therapist.

Do you have any new features on the software?

We have a new feature with the GDPR which allows clients to choose if they want to receive any marketing or appointment emails and they can choose to opt in or out.

How many forms do you produce on average per week?

We produce a few 100 a week, we are always updating our forms making sure that we answer to ever client that comes in making sure they sign the form, for insurance reasons. We save a lot of space by doing this on the iPad now. Anything that the client needs to change or edit we can edit it at anytime.



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