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Take a look at our business handbook where you will find everything you need to know to get started with gives you a 360- degree view of your customers, appointments and facilitates collaboration across your organisation, helping you build strong, long lasting customer relationships to run and grow your business. stands for:

“Clinic, Salon& Spa Business Management Productivity”. 

With solutions, there’s no magic formula. it simply manages all of your critical business information so that you can see it and manage it all in one place. Implementing the right software can increase sales and productivity. You can grow sales, save time, get organised.

Setting Your Strategy for Sales

You have to start defining your business management strategy for business growth, the management process and all the steps.

Firstly, free up time to focus on growth and cover from your daily tasks, appointments, payments, marketing, reminders, sessions, instalments, consent forms, making the business processes more efficient and keeping data all in one place, also keeping everyone in the know with access from anywhere at anytime.

Secondly, prepare your business for growth automating a lot of processes like reminders, marketing, SMS texts, emails, appointments, payments, instalments, API connections.

Thirdly, connect to your clients using social media campaigns with direct online booking links to automate the booking process, be engaging and promote special offers and gift cards on social media, via your business blog and use refer a friend for loyalty cards and gift cards with value on it and more.

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