NEW: ACADEMY is welcoming all new clients and existing clients to our new Academy specially designed to give all their clients access to the knowledge and information on how to effectively use the software.

This will provide you with a step by step guide on how to navigate the software whilst answering any questions that you may have.

We have created a 3 day course breaking down the various features of in the software offering you a step by step guide in finding and creating features within the software.

Day 1

You will be given a full introduction to and all its features. We will walk you through the main features of our software such as the Day Book, Customer View, Point of Sale and the Main Interface on the Software.

Day 2

We will be providing you with extensive lessons in how to order and manage existing and new client courses with the software. Whilst focusing on organising courses and sessions.  This course will also cover Reports and KPI, Staffing, Stock Management and Marketing to help you manage your company efficiently.

Day 3

You will learn about all our features in the admin area. As the administrator of the company you will be guided through our advanced features such as setting up consent forms and aftercare. Where you will be given a full breakdown of the features exploring anything from Invoices to Purchases and Daily Sales Targets. We will also guide you through setting up Taxable Treatments and Products.

There will also be extra information provided to help our clients with specialised features. You will also be taken through out infamous paperless feature and how to set this up. Step by step of the additional online booking features will also be given alongside setting up android and iOS devices. 

Benefits of Academy

-This ensures that clients and their employees are being trained properly

-They will be able to follow up their progress of each course through our timeline system; showing them the percentage of the course they have completed.

-This is provided for free.

-At the end of the course they will also receive a qualification and certificate of having full comprehensive knowledge of the software.

-We will be able to receive feedback on how effective the clients think the courses are and improve on that accordingly.

-This will also give us a chance to build more courses with professionals from the industry.

Why wait? Click the link below to become a master of by enrolling onto this academy:


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