Partnership Programme Details


The partner programme rewards you with a range of benefits that you can tailor to your own business goals. We’ve created it to make you even more successful- no matter what the size of your business and what innovative means to you.

-Attract New Clients! 

As a partner, your business will be listed on our trademark branded website and be visible to thousands of potential new clients for your business.

-Help Your Customers get Paid

By partnering with your customers will be able to grow sales, save time and get organised from all over the UK and abroad.


Why Partner With Us? 


Awarded the Most Innovative Fully Comprehensive Software Solution for clinics, salons and spas, gives your entire company a 360- degree view of your customers, appointments and facilities collaboration across your organisation, helping you to build strong customer relationships to run and grow your business without the hassle associated with traditional providers and having an all-in-one solution in-cloud.


-Grow your Customer Base

Attract more new leads and convert more free trails into paying customers UK and worldwide as well with a few clicks using our automated ordering system.

-Reduce Churn

Hold on to more existing customers by getting them more engaged with your product and in the same time with our product, thanks to this your customers will have more value for their money.

-Develop New Revenue Streams

refer customers to us and you can earn commission on transaction fees for the initial software license and reoccurring monthly commission as well.

-Global Reach

Your customers will be able to use the software from aunty country, anywhere at any time, without having to do any extra work or waste time with additional softwares.


You’ll be in good company using our partners and our integrations in order to have even more value!

What Kind of Partner are You? 

-Integration Partner

Enables your customers to get paid from within your software, you sell the licenses and process the reseller programme.

-Commercial Partner

Refer customers to to run joint marketing campaigns with us and share the revenue.

-Implementation Partner

Provide technical services to integrate into customers system using our API.


More industries that can partner with






-Dance Studios


-Membership Clubs




-Business Management


-Booking Services and many more…

Start your partnership and change the world! If you think that your business can benefit with please get in touch; we will be happy to help!





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