Teamwork = Business Growth

“Growth should happen quickly and you need a team and a product that can adapt just as quickly.”

Jon Oberheide, CTO and Co-founder Duo Security

Starting and growing a company is hard work for everyone involved. On any given day, you may need to move faster, be more productive, solve more problems, and adapt to more unique circumstances than ever before. Here are some of our favourite insights from successful business leaders at growing businesses. Their advice ranges from personal productivity tips to visionary inspiration — and some of it may surprise you.

Work Smarter — And Harder

“My VP of Sales at my first college job asked our entire sales team what’s more important: working smarter or harder?” recalls Kevin Chiu, Manager of Sales Development at Greenhouse Recruiting, a recruiting optimization platform that helps companies build and scale their recruiting processes. “Most of us said working smarter, and he told us we were all fools. ‘It’s about working smarter AND harder.’ In this day and age, when you surround yourself in a room with people that are all smarter than you, that’s the only way to keep up and strive to be the best.”

Think Big

“Embrace the potential of leveraging solutions available to you especially as you grow—that will ensure you grow to scale and your growth is sustainable. I think a lot of folks are cost-conscious early on and they don’t think big picture. These services seem expensive, but I always think of these services as employees on my team.”

Brandon Staton, Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Transportation Impact

Know Something Before You Do Something

“I believe everything should be grounded in an insight. You should know something before you do something. You start with a question: How can we grow, or why is that happening, or why isn’t this happening? Then you try to gain the insight. You should be able to rapidly move to the data and see if the data supports your hypothesis, and then you should test your assumption to see how it works. And all of that should be done without having to bring in a bunch of IT guys to pull different data from different places.”

—Mark Hope, CEO, Pegasus Sustainability

Fight for the User

“We believe in fighting for the user; that phrase is painted on our office wall. We exist for young people. By providing them with something valuable—accessible, free, and meaningful ways to take action on issues they care about—we’ve continued to grow. We also meet young people where they are, from Snapchat to text messaging, to make it easy for them to find action opportunities. It shouldn’t compete with their everyday life.”

—Naomi Hirabayashi, CMO,

Eat Your Oatmeal

Your mother probably used to tell you that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. In various interviews with successful entrepreneurs and small-business leaders, we noticed a common thread: oatmeal for breakfast. We don’t know why, but just in case it’s oatmeal that’s the key to their success, we recommend you try it.

“Staying focused on building a superior product at scale is the key to our success.”

Alison Murdock

Vice President of Marketing, Essense


How Every Team Can Kill It in 2018

  • Build custom lists in Salesforce with 100% complete information to get your campaigns out the door.
  • Know your customers (and prospects) better this year; highlight prospecting insights with call prep questions, competitive intelligence, and industry trends.
  • Fuel your CRM with clean data.

Once you’ve captured your leads, it’s time to blur the lines — specifically, the lines between Sales and Support. Wouldn’t your sales reps be more effective.

If they knew whether customers had any problems with your products or services? This kind of sales empowerment will lead to better cross-selling opportunities. And don’t forget that your support agents can help your bottom line if they’re able to align with sales reps and offer top-notch service to your most valuable customers.

  • Get proactive about support with connected products and wearables that initiate service tickets.
  • Make support part of your experience. Establish a support centre that reflects your personality and brand. Add support- centre links to relevant pages on your site, or within your app. Or add a way for customers to log tickets right from within your product experience.

Keep in mind this is the year to grow your small business

How can you accomplish this?

  • Invest in one integrated system that can scale with your business.
  • Provide your employees some mobility with the right tools so they can stay connected and work from the field.
  • Leverage technology to look larger than you are.

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