5 Must Have Email Campaigns to Drive Ecommerce Revenue

When marketing your ecommerce website, your goal is to provide a lovable experience the same kind of personal attention and service that your customers might encounter in a brick-and-mortar store. Part of that marketing involves automated emails to engage and nurture your customers.

Successful email automation takes some work. Buyers are looking for relevance, and they don’t mind an email here and there regarding the actual products and services they’re interested in. High volumes of blanket email updates won’t get the job done. In fact, you could end up barred from your customers’ inboxes for good.

The key is personalisation: personalised subject lines, personalised messages, and personalised offers. In order to provide this level of service, you must know your customers.

Pre- Purchase

Connect on Social Media

Social media gives you a chance to really define and develop your brand. Rather than simply include links to your social media accounts, tell users how they’ll benefit from following you. What can they learn from your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts?

Include Images and Details

Even if your follow-up email comes within 24 hours, customers may forget some of the items they almost purchased. An image of the abandoned product, as well as details about the item (size, colour, free gift) will jog their memory and remind them how much they wanted that product in the first place.

Add Urgency

Would the buyer have left the item in the cart if they knew there was only one left? Create some urgency by reporting low inventory or time limits on discounts and deals.


Emails that promote your products and foster relationships with your customers are an important part of the marketing automation process. It’s important to segment contact lists to avoid blanket emails, but then, some of the promotional information you send out might just apply to everyone. Your real goal is to reengage buyers and perhaps interest them in a new purchase.

There are four promotional ways for you to reach out through marketing automation to your buyers:

  1. Last Chance/Low inventory Reminder: If someone has shown interest in an item on your website, they may appreciate notice that the product may sell out soon.
  2. Back in Stock/Similar Products: Anytime someone has viewed a particular product or added it to their cart, you have the information you need to reengage them later when a product comes back in stock. You can also alert these buyers if you stock products that are similar to items they’ve loved before.
  3. Wishlist Sale: Buyers who place items on their wish lists tell you everything you need to know, no deduction needed. They’re waiting on a final push, and your email about dis- counts and sales may be just what they need.
  4. Special Dates: Show you really know your customers by sending out special offers triggered by important dates in their lives. Birthdays, anniversaries, or even a celebration of their first purchase with your company.

Post- Purchase

Too many ecommerce businesses think they’ve won the customer once a purchase is made, but in reality, the relationship is just getting started. You can’t woo a buyer up to the point of conversion and then drop them like a bad habit. Keep nurturing that connection with these post-purchase emails, and you’ll bring them back again and again.

There are three primary ways to reach out through triggered emails to your buyers post-purchase:
1. Post-Purchase Welcome Series: This email should arrive in the inbox of every customer who makes a purchase from your online store. The goal more than offering thanks; you want to continue to nurture the relationship you’ve begun.

2. Review Requests: Any customer who makes a purchase should be given the opportunity to pro- vide feedback regarding your products and customer service. Some may take the initiative without your encouragement, but many will need that extra nudge.

3. Up sell/Cross-Sell and Related Products: Customers who have recently purchased products from your site may get added value from other items that you sell. Without this email, they may never know you have more options.

Re- Engagement


Win-back Emails

Past customers who have gone without a purchase longer than your usual re- order time may benefit from receiving a win-back email. You may provide offers based on each individual customer’s lifetime value.

These emails are designed to bring customers back to your online store, but the broader victory comes when the relationship is rekindled. A rekindled relationship often means more purchases for a higher lifetime value.

If a customer has already made a purchase from your company, there is a good chance they will buy again. Sometimes they just need to be reminded of how useful your products are! Engage them by sending personalised offers and customised recommendations based on their previous purchases and preferences.

To focus on increasing customer lifetime value through your win-back campaigns, target more valuable customers in a deliberate way to encourage them to return. For example, you may want to offer free shipping or a small discount to customers who have previously had higher than average order values.

Helping customers use your products, whether through tutorials or specialised messages, reminds them how much they loved your company to begin with. Link to relevant content and even products that will boost enjoyment of their purchase.

Sometimes a little discount doesn’t hurt, especially if you’re hoping to bring a valuable previously engaged buyer back into the fold. Be sure that discount is available for relevant products before you send, though.

Next Steps

Check Your Analytics

To know if your email automation workflows are working, you must keep an eye on your numbers. What performs well for some may not give you the results you need. You can also use the information you gather to perform A/B testing so that your messages hit the right note every time.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

The level of engagement you receive will help you optimise the workflows for best results. Don’t be afraid to make changes in order to improve your conversion rates. Just because something doesn’t work now doesn’t mean it won’t work with a few tweaks.

Provide A Personalised Experience

Automation is the best way to develop and nurture relationships with your customers. There is no way to keep up with every buyer and where they are in the buying cycle without some help. With a boost from marketing automation pro- grams, you can provide the most personalised, delightful service a customer has ever experienced.


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