Marketing Ideas To Generate More Business 

Social Media 

You should use social media as a customer service channel. One-third of social media users would rather reach out to a brand on social media for customer service rather than the more traditional ways. Your business should go heavy on photos and videos on all social media platforms. To help increase the number of people you reach, you should have a dedicated budget for highly targeted ads. For a relatively small price, you can reach thousands of people in your local area with special offers that drive them to your business. Your goal should be to target unengaged users with a special coupon, and use different social media platforms for list-based retargeting.

Customer Marketing


When you get a new customer it feel great, right? This is a sign that your marketing and sales efforts paid off, and it feels great. However, marketing isn’t just about new customers, It’s also about getting loyal customers who will keep coming back again and again. This summer you can dig into your customer marketing efforts with these tips. Whether it’s creating a loyalty program, offering special deals, or simply creating great content for your customers, make sure you give a little love to the folks who’ve already decided they like your brand.

The first idea would be to launch a rewards program for a certain period of time. For example, customers could spend a certain amount of money to get discounts on products or gifts. In the event that you already have a loyalty program put in place, you can set a minimum threshold for earning points, which helps increase the transaction size.

You can also increase the frequency of customer visits by offering a long-term loyalty or rewards program.Customers that participate in the loyalty rewards program return in half the time it takes for non-participants to return, which means that over the same period of time, these customers come in twice as often.

Another alternative would be to create a VIP program that rewards your most loyal customers with things like early access to sales, event invites, and pre-orders.

Furthermore, another customer marketing idea would be to start sending your customers automated “Happy Birthday” messages with special offers that they can redeem in store or online. Automated birthday offers sent through ClinicSoftware’s CRM tool generated the highest engagement.

The final suggestion is to incentivize customers to shop during events like Back to School, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday by rewarding them with gift cards to your business when they spend a certain amount. Later send a reminder email to the gift card holders when you are having a sale of new merchandise has just arrived

Email Marketing & Automation Ideas

Using email as a part of your marketing strategy is a must. It allows you to send target messages to specific audiences, share your offers, and just generally communicate with your customer base.  Between email and automation capabilities, there is a ton of new marketing techniques and tricks you can try. Check out the tips in this section to give you some ideas to put into play right away.

Make sure to plan and schedule email and social campaigns with relevant seasonal content. This gives buyers more of a sense of urgency and timeliness.Segment your email lists to target different lifecycle stages with different types of messaging. Limited-time exclusive offers may resonate particularly well with your loyal customers, for example, while flash sales may be more engaging for casual customers.

Test delivery schedules for your email campaigns. Typically, most people go through email in the morning around 7 to 9 A.M. Also, when crafting email campaigns, eliminate words that can trigger spam filters. Some common spam triggers include all-caps subject lines, a low text-to-image ratio.

If you are a service-oriented business, invest in online booking software. Especially as people get busier in the summer, they want the ability to schedule or cancel bookings without having to call during business hours or wait on hold. Without it, your customers might decide to take their business elsewhere

Make The Most Of Web Advertisements

In an effort to capitalise on cross-channel marketing, many businesses experiment with online ads. Web ads can be used to promote new content offers or product discounts. But how do you ensure your online ads generate maximum conversions?As you know, advertising on the web can range from banner ads and pop-ups to PPC campaigns and Facebook ads. Companies already spend a great deal of time writing the ad copy and picking the right image. The goal is to attract a high number of clickthroughs. But often times, after companies spend effort on designing ads, they neglect the importance of the second step-conversions. Many ads direct people to ineffective places like a company’s home page. if you click on an ad selling an umbrella , for instance, you don’t want to arrive at a generic page that makes you do more work to find the umbrella you want.



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