Everything You Need to Know About Webinar Marketing

Webinars are an effective way to show prospects about your providing or share useful ideas together with your viewers. They’re low-cost and generate engagement. Plus, they supply your gross sales group with leads out of your signup kind. All people wins — that’s if folks really attend. Webinar advertising is crucial to getting these numbers up and your mission out.

Throughout my eight years in advertising, I realized a number of greatest practices for internet hosting a profitable webinar. That features how one can construct a advertising marketing campaign that will get individuals by means of the digital doorways. We‘ll discover greatest practices beneath. Then, we’ll create a mock marketing campaign to place the following pointers into observe.

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Let’s get began.

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Advantages of Webinar Advertising

There are many methods to amplify your model’s voice, however webinars give you a singular alternative. You may faucet into information straight from the specialists. That features inside specialists already at your organization or revered thought leaders in your business. In reality, the Content Marketing Institute applauds webinars as one effective way to broadcast your message.

Below, HubSpot’s Kaitlin Milliken explores some benefits she’s seen from her time working on webinars. Milliken worked on webinars for three years in a previous role, booking guests, marketing the webcasts, acting as a host, and evaluating performance data.

Lead Generation

In her role at a business news outlet, Milliken worked with the publication’s partners. In her experience, she found that sponsors were most interested in partnering for webinars.

“Why? Well, lead generation made all the difference,” Milliken, a senior program manager, recalls. “People had to register for the webinar, so our sponsors knew that these were business leaders struggling with issues their consultancy could actually solve.”

Milliken says that lead generation was much more effective in finding likely customers than a generic social media post or mention in a newsletter. Beyond that, both the sponsors’ brands and the publication reached new audiences, thanks to co-marketing efforts.

If your company specializes in multiple subject areas, you can host webinars on each topic. This generates different lists of leads that you can pair with the right representative for outreach.

Great Data Generation

In webinars, leads aren’t the only data that matters. Your webinars can help evaluate how engaged your audience is, what topics matter to them most, and which thought leaders struck up the most engagement.

Milliken has hosted dozens of webinars, including 60 over the course of the COVID-19 lockdowns. She says attendance varied based on the specific topic the show would cover.

“I hosted lots of webinars during the early pandemic. We found that sessions focused on remote work, managing ambiguity, and innovation efforts that improved efficiency performed well,” she says. “Webinars related to startups were less successful.”

Milliken says that attendance data from webinars reflected a larger trend in the business world: More companies were focused on supporting core businesses. The startup ecosystem was less of a priority.

Beyond that, Milliken says her team conducted polls of participants. This let her get a pulse check on how companies were responding to uncertainty and if they found the webinar helpful.


Cost Effective

Concerned about expenses? Webinars are a budget-friendly solution. No matter where you or your attendees are across the globe, webinars bring you together without the travel costs. Plus, you can chat with experts in your field, no matter where they’re located. No need to pay for a flight.

“Big conferences require hotel stays, catering, and transportation,” Milliken says. “While in-person gathering have their place, webinars are a lot lower-lift and way less costly.”

Repurposing Content

Depending on the subject or type of webinar, you can always transform your recording into more content down the road. Your guests may even share the recording on social for an extra marketing push once the meeting ends.

In her previous role, Milliken says, she wrote up an article based on the content of the webinar. She also included important slides and a recording of the full session in the post. She notes that this helped keep the editorial calendar full and share valuable insights with people who couldn’t make the initial recording. You can see a sample below.

webinar marketing strategy, innovation leader

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What Makes a Webinar Campaign Successful?

Now that you know how webcasts can bolster your brand, let’s focus on how you can run a webinar successfully. You can see best practices below.

Craft irresistible content.

Of marketers, 95% see webinars as important to their marketing strategy. However, the content needs to align with your audience to garner attendees. Before you even set a date for your webinar, you need to find out what matters most to your audience.

“Every year, we polled our publication’s readers to see what was on their mind,” Milliken says of her previous role. “We could then see what webinar topics were likely to resonate. We used that data internally and shared it with partners so they could craft successful revenue too.”

Your team likely already has this data. HubSpot’s Content & Media Strategy Report shows that 64% of marketers conduct research to understand what types of content their audience is most interested in. Beyond that, 59% said these audits of current and past media strategies to inform future tactics.

Once you have a subject decided, you’ll want to build a compelling slide deck or have a short list of super-star thought leaders to interview. Slides with helpful, fresh data or insights for people your audience looks up to can help pique interest.

Create your landing page.

As soon as you have a date set for your webinar, it’s time to start promotion. The first thing you’ll need to do is build a landing page. This will be the digital portal where you promote your webinar and the hub for people to sign up.

webinar marketing strategy,  landing page

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Let’s take a look at the landing page above. Note how it includes the following:

  • A catchy headline. You’ll want your headline front and center on your page, incorporating search-worthy keywords where possible. Remember, your headline is only as good as your content, so pick a solid concept upfront.
  • A description of the webinar. Your landing page will need a brief description of what your participants will learn. This is also the spot to mention any guests joining your presenter. This is another area to get that extra SEO juice.
  • A lead generation form. At a minimum, you’ll need your participants’ names and email to send them updates. However, if you plan on doing sales outreach afterward, the person’s company name and title may also be helpful.
  • Interesting imagery. All text pages lack visual variation. Be sure to include art that’s consistent with your branding.

According to GoToWebinar, 59% of registrants sign up for a webinar the week it’s scheduled. However, 41% sign up before that window. Make sure you give yourself at least one month to promote your landing page.

webinar marketing strategy,  webinar data

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Leverage email newsletters and social media.

Once you have a landing page put together, it’s time for promotion. Simply putting a form on your website won’t be enough to generate an audience. According to GoToWebinar, email is the top channel for promoting these online gatherings. Of its 250,000 survey respondents, 57% cited email as their top promotional channel.

Let’s take a look at this email about an upcoming webinar for the learning management platform TalentLMS.

webinar marketing strategy,  webinar email

This email covers all of the key points potential audience members should know:

  • The topic of the webinar is clearly stated in bold.
  • The email gives three key takeaways attendees can expect to learn from the session.
  • Speakers are clearly listed in the copy.
  • There are two prominent CTAs for people to sign up.

You’ll want to send multiple emails in advance of your webinar. That includes a last-minute signup push on the day of your event. Around 17% of people register for webinars on the day they occur. You don’t want to miss out on the stragglers.

Social media can be another helpful tool to promote your webinar.

“When I worked on webinar content, I made custom graphics with varied text to promote the topic of our discussion,” Milliken says. “You need to make sure to cover important keywords, have striking visuals, and — if you have speakers — include an identifiable picture of them.”

webinar marketing strategy,  social

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This webinar publish for a dialog about 5G hits all of those key factors. You may clearly see what the subject of dialogue is and who’s collaborating. Plus, the webinar follows model pointers and colours.

Co-promote together with your company.

Together with company in your webinar is an effective way to garner curiosity in your session. Oftentimes, particularly in case your skilled has affect, you may develop your viewers to incorporate people who find themselves new to your model.

“I hosted a webinar session as soon as with Steve Clean, a thought chief within the tech house. It was one in every of our hottest periods. Individuals who comply with his work joined our webinar, even when that they had by no means heard of our publication,” Milliken says.

Make sure you combine your company from the beginning. If you may get their enter in your subject and slides, they will level out areas the place they might share their experience. This additionally will increase their engagement and funding within the webinar.

From there, you may share belongings for them to advertise on their distribution channels. They will embrace your webinar of their electronic mail e-newsletter and on their social media pages. This may enable you to attain the widest viewers doable.


Delivering a webinar that captivates.

Sure, delivering an awesome webinar is part of your advertising technique. It’s good to lead together with your greatest and be sure that attendees are impressed by what you need to supply. Tech points, disorganization, and a scarcity of useful content material may even harm your model.

Comply with these fast tricks to run a clean webinar:

  • Run a rehearsal. This is a chance to your presenters to check their expertise and meet with their company. You don’t must do a full run-through, however it is a nice alternative to deal with any technical questions.
  • Have an overview. Studying a script phrase for phrase sounds stiff. Delivering a presentation fully off the cuff solely works when you’re a grasp presenter. Cut up the distinction and have an overview with bullet factors you need to cowl.
  • Have your presenters present up early. 5 minutes earlier than the present begins, you need to be sure that everyone seems to be current.
  • Have a backup plan. You may’t put together for the whole lot. Your web would possibly minimize out. Your visitor may get sick. Ensure you have backup methods to dial in and backup plans to fill time.
  • Find time for Q&A. A fantastic presentation sparks extra pondering and considerate questions. Attempt to go away a minimum of 5 minutes for Q&A to interact together with your viewers. You must allot much more time if in case you have a famous person visitor.

Bear in mind, the individuals who love webinars will need to attend future periods. Use their first webinar with you as a solution to hook them for extra.

Promote your recaps (and promote your subsequent webinar).

As talked about above, take into account recapping your webinar. In case your session has useful info, you may publish it in your web site together with a recap. This isn’t solely a solution to present folks what they missed, however it might additionally improve curiosity in your future periods.

Webinar Advertising Greatest Practices in Motion

Within the grand theater of webinars, your model isn‘t simply one other act — it’s the headline present. With periods led by these professionals of promoting, you’re not merely attending; you are a part of a advertising revolution that leaves your viewers cheering for an encore.

Neil Patel Digital

Step right into a session with Neil Patel, the place the digital advertising knowledge flows as easily as your favourite playlist. Each bit of recommendation is a success single, making search engine optimisation and content material advertising the headline acts that go away you amped up and able to rock the digital world.

The webinar beneath covers prime advertising tendencies for the 12 months. I really like how the session buildings the subject right into a numbered record. This helps improve curiosity. I’ve observed that webinars with a quantity within the title are likely to carry out higher than those who don’t.

Past that, every speaker’s identify is adopted by a brief bio. This helps viewers members know precisely who they’ll be studying from.

Content Marketing Institute WebsiteIMG Name: ContentMarketing.png

Content material Advertising Institute

Now, think about becoming a member of the Content material Advertising Institute’s webinars. It‘s like being on the coolest business convention, the place content material advertising gurus drop information bombs that resonate with each marketer’s core. It’s an all-access cross to the VIP lounge of content material methods and storytelling finesse.

Content material Advertising Institute gives an awesome instance of leveraging previous webinar content material. If there are not any upcoming webinars, the web page shows previous periods that viewers can watch on demand. Past that, the posts lay out how lengthy the session is. Customers will know from the get go if the content material matches of their schedule.

Advertising Nation On-line

Don’t miss out on Marketo’s “Advertising Nation On-line” sequence both. They take the advanced world of promoting automation and spin it right into a narrative as compelling as essentially the most gripping podcast sequence. Every webinar is a chapter that weaves the intricate tapestry of buyer relations and engagement methods.

I really like how Marketo takes the sequence strategy to webinars. That’s an effective way to hook your viewers so that they tune in for the following installment.

Marketing Nation WebsiteIMG Name: MarketingNation.png

Getting Began

Navigating the webinar waters takes a mixture of guts, wit, and a little bit of tech know-how. Each step, from dreaming up content material that sticks to mastering the tech waltz, hammered residence the ability of paying consideration and maintaining the gang locked in.

It is a mix of fine outdated storytelling, high-flying interactive moments, and a tech setup that’s strong as a rock. That’s the recipe for a webinar that doesn’t simply speak the speak however actually sings and swings with the viewers.

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