Google Search Removal Cancelations Take Hours To Process

Google redid their removing software in Google Search Console in 2020 however the software has usually at all times been fast. John Mueller of Google stated up to now that it takes lower than a day and that it is rather fast. So one particular person examined it and stated it took solely two hours!

I requested one search engine marketing on Twitter who requested John Mueller the opposite day how lengthy it takes, to inform me how lengthy it really took. The particular person stated “it took like 2 hours from after I was clicking “cancel request” till the URLs had been reside in Google once more.”

That’s fast!

Do websites in Google Information transfer sooner with removing request cancelations? John Mueller says no:

Listed here are John’s earlier tweets on this, which I assume are considerably conservative on the timing:

Here’s what the removing software cancel button seems like:

click for full size

After which while you cancel it:

click for full size

Discussion board dialogue at Twitter.

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